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What do you like to do? Whether you are an action junkie or prefer to relax, we have the perfect trip for you. Based on your former activities and interests on social media profiles, we tailor trips to your individual desires.

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But where to go? There are too many beautiful places. Apparently over 10,000 that we need to see before we die. Nothing to worry though. Just lean back - we will find the best destinations for you.

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Finally, the perfect accommodation. While for some means 5***** resort all inclusive, a cosy shack with an outdoor shower is THE perfect accommodation for others - we find the perfect hotel for you.

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How it works

You are unique and so should be your travel experience. We consider your personality when suggesting trips, making it perfectly fitting to you. To create your personal travel profile, we look at similar people that share your wishes and interests. Based on where they travelled and what they liked, we are able to generate personalized travel recommendations for you. The good thing: you just need to sign up.

Your time is valuable to us.

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Plan your trip with tripl :)

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Easy, easier, tripl

tripl is the new revolutionary way to find your perfect trip. So what are you waiting for? Check out tripl now and start the trip of your dreams tomorrow.

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Desert Quads in Dubai

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„One of the best trips I‘ve ever had. I was a little bit sceptical in the beginning but those social recommendations helped me find the perfect trip.“
Erik S.

Shopping trip in New York

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„It has never been so easy for me to book a really nice trip. Saved me a lot of time and not to forget to mention - a lot of money.“
Lisa B.

Surfing in Portugal

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„It just works perfect for me. I‘m a total surfer dude and tripl had the very best offers for a fantastic surf-vacation. Both thumbs up!“
Steven R.

Relaxing in Bali

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„We had such an awesome trip to Bali! There is nothing more to say, except try it by yourself!“
Sara & Pete B.